Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Motel Files

I still have a 2 drawer file cabinet in my studio full of reference photos ( sometimes referred to as a morgue file) which has everything from pictures of retro mopeds, to architecture photos(including motels), to restaurant/diner images, all ready to be plucked for quick reference. The infinite jpg file that is Google Images now takes its place. I still use it occasionally, but the file cabinets main purpose now is as a place to put my printer on.

Anyway, I was searching online for some neon reference, and came across a YouTube link to the motel signs above. Videos of flickering neon may seem a little odd, but I'm a sucker for motel images and liked the idea of some weary travelers filming these digital postcards after checking in for the night. Enjoy.

Postcard from Bel-Air Palms Motel ( El Monte, CA)