Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Cocktails and Laughter...

but What Comes After?" It looks like a tab of around 700 billion by the government to bail-out the crumbling and carelessly deregulated mortgage industry.

Watching the news last week reminded me of an earlier financial shakedown and one of my first 'big'covers which was for Business Week back in '87. I was still new to the biz and got a call on Friday, after the market had plunged, to do a cover for the following weeks issue. "A weekend deadline? No problem!" Because no one knew what was going to happen when the market opened on Monday they commissioned 2 versions, one with a bear and the other with a bull(that sketch had a bull that was trying to keep it's balance on the roof). I had the sketches approved Saturday, then had the finished art in their hands late Sunday night. The bear won out.