Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lights, Camera...

I came across a video for the movie Black Rain on a blog recently. It's a movie starring Michael Douglas that I've never seen, but remembered some of it was filmed at 27th and Lexington, near the studio I had in NYC. So I did a little searching and found this (motorcycle scene @ 7:00 on the video to be exact). Like most movies you see being filmed, there's a lot of waiting/ setting up before any action takes place, so every once in awhile I'd take a break and lean out the window to see what was going on.

Later that evening I wrapped up the job I was working on and headed home down 28th street. I stopped at the corner at Madison where the light was about to change. In front of me was this guy on a motorcycle waiting for the light to turn. Realizing they had just been filming around the corner I took a closer look through the helmet's tinted visor (for obvious reasons, different headgear than in the film) and saw that it was Michael Douglas. The light soon changed and he roared off towards uptown and I continued walking home thinking what a special town this was.