Sunday, March 15, 2009

Intelligent Tinkering...

One of my favorite quotes is “The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts" by Paul Erlich. This could also be modified to apply to moving stuff out of and back into a workspace.

I had a new carpet put down in my studio last Friday, which meant I had to move everything out on Thursday, then move it all back in and get reconnected Friday afternoon. It was a little tough on the back, but worth it- and so far everything is back together and working. : )

I took advantage of having to empty cabinets and move flat files to go through a lot of the contents and get rid of stuff I no longer need. Illustrator 6 for Dummies, Photoshop 3 User Guides, a rubylith pad (!), outdated mailing lists, old promos, and now defunct ISP software were a few of the things that got tossed.

Like a lot of people, but maybe more than most, I like to collect things- lots of things. Everything from old ashtrays (ceramic and metal), to coffee mugs w/ company logos, to clothing hangtags, to matchbook covers. All are relatively modest compared to my collection of old paperbacks- which, like the kudzu in my backyard, continues to grow and take over my bookshelves. I've also collected a fair number of odds and ends which don't fit into any category other than they're stuff I like. When I put my studio back together I rediscovered some of these. Above are a few I scanned.